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Being a Top Gear presenter is often described as being the best job in the world, espcially if you work in a factory gutting chickens, (which I used to do). So in this DVD, featuring stunts and tomfoolery never seen on TV, I show you how to master the dark art of being a Top Gear host, and how to make your own Top gear show. This DVd will change your life forever. Probably. HOW TO MAKE A TOP GEAR FILM IN YOUR OWN HOME Haven’t got access to the Swiss Alps or the salt flats of Utah? No probs. All you need is for your parents to be out of the house for the day, and a mental stunt biker friend to drop round. ENGINEERING EXCELLENCE Demonstrating engineering excellence is something that should come naturally to a Top Gear presenter. Converting an ice-cream van into a fully-fledged hovercraft should be no problem for Richard then. HOW TO MAKE A TOP GEAR ROAD TEST The art of the powerslide, talking nonsense whilst not crashing, drag racing the stupidest thing with a jet engine you can find…The secret world of how to make Top Gear road test is all here. THE TOP GEAR WORK ETHIC Even on holiday, a Top Gear presenter must be able to knock up a quick action film. Cue a picturesque beach and a Dakar-ready Bowler Nemesis... racing its own 12-tonne support truck. TOP GEAR – A PUBLIC SERVICE “All you ever do is cock about.” That’s a common complaint which breaks our heart. But as I show you with this scientific experiment involving loads of flying bricks and demolished walls, a Top Gear presenter only ever cocks about for the good of mankind. TOP GEAR PASSION Richard selflessly ventures to Italy, driving the Lamborghini Gallardo Balboni, Ferrari Scuderia and Pagani Zonda Cinque to prove, er… something very important about passion and stuff like that. With an exclusive look at the world of Top Gear Scientific Research, the Top Gear Diet, the Top Gear Presenter’s Wardrobe and the Top Gear complaints procedure, this DVD is the ultimate insight into the Top Gear world.
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