Revelation Road: The Beginning of the End

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88:26 min

Anglų k.
Režisierius: Gabriel Sabloff
Žanras: Veiksmo

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Where were you when the world ended? Josh McManus, a traveling salesman with a history of violence, was passing through a dusty West Texas town. The right man at the wrong time, Josh foiled a robbery perpetrated by The Barbarians, an outlaw biker gang led by a vicious man named Hawg. Then it happened. An unnatural flash in the sky, followed by a crippling series of earthquakes, throws the entire world into chaos. Is it the long-awaited event called The Rapture? Josh doesn’t care. His only goal is to get home to his family, but he’ll have to fight his way through the Barbarians to do so. It will be a dangerous journey to the very center of his soul.

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#1 | Svečias · April 15 2013 13:23:42
this film is fucked up

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