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In a not too far future, Steve Battier, a multimillionaire elderly and terminally ill, accepting the offer of a company - RPG - that in return for a high monetary value provides to a very restricted group of clients the possibility to become young again. During 10 hours, 10 millionaires around the world, men and women with fame and power, will be transferred to younger bodies, attractive and healthy to live in a temporary rejuvenation game, very real thrills, where in that every hour someone will die. In the body of a man of 23 years, returning to enjoy the pleasures of sex and experiencing the adrenaline of violence and power over life and death, Steve is willing to do anything to keep young forever... But not always what we have experienced is what appears to be.

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#1 | Rublis · May 16 2014 22:08:16
Geras filmas patiko…smile

#2 | neringastankiene · June 03 2014 14:51:53
geras filmas man patiko smile))

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