87 min

Rusų k.
Režisierius: Rufus Norris
Žanras: Drama

(1 balsas)
Eleven year old diabetic Skunk (Eloise Laurence) lives with her father Archie (Tim Roth), her elder brother Jed (Bill Milner), and au-pair Kasia (Zana Marjanovic) in a typical British suburb. One of her few friends is Rick (Robert Emms), a strange young man living with his parents in the neighbourhood. Skunk is shocked when Rick gets beaten up by Mr. Oswald (Rory Kinnear), another neighbour: one of Mr. Oswald's daughters has accused Rick of rape. From now on Skunk's life goes south. Kasia splits up with her boyfriend Mike (Cillian Murphy), who is also Skunk's favourite teacher. Rick is put into a closed ward as he isolates himself more and more. Archie and Kasia are beginning a relationship. Mr. Oswald's daughters start bullying Skunk when the new term starts. Skunk's first boyfriend suddenly has to move to his aunt's, something he didn't dare tell her until the day before he leaves. Skunk secretly visits Rick when he spends his first weekend at home again. When she enters the house, Rick has pushed his mother down the stairs, breaking her neck, and knocked out his father. Rick takes Skunk hostage and does not realise when Skunk - deprived of her medical supply - falls into a hyperglycemic shock. Mr. Oswald of all people finds Skunk and rescues her. In a dream sequence Skunk bids farewell to people from her childhood. She wakes up in a hospital bed, her father at her bedside.

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