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House of Bones



86 min

Anglų k.
Režisierius: Jeffery Scott Lando
Žanras: Siaubo

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The story starts with a spoof Ghost hunters. Some ghost hunting group with a TV show are busy investigating supposed haunting’s and have acquired a medium on their reality show. The newest investigation brings them to a house that for hundreds of years has developed a prestige for evil bad things. No one has lived in it for years, but then again people are terrified of its reputation. This is what watching SyFy is all about. A movie that doesn’t take itself so seriously that you are forced to take it seriously as well. From the first scene it’s clear there is a tongue in cheek element happening but it still remains true to a creepy mood that is actually pretty intense immediately.

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#1 | Svečias · May 10 2012 15:01:42
jai patinka saubo filmai tai patiks ir sitas nes geras grin

#2 | teida · May 29 2012 09:36:11
Gan keistas filmas ! hug idomu kokia kalba ejo titrai %3Pr

#3 | Svečias · June 13 2012 10:22:43
idomu gan geras man patiko buvau apsales shock

#4 | Pauliusborn · January 23 2013 12:26:29
Siulau paziureti, keistas, neiprastas, bet ir idomus grin

#5 | nitroxltd · April 07 2013 15:56:25
man patiko sitas siaubiakas grin

#6 | eligijus19820405 · January 07 2017 11:45:03
esu siaubo fanas ir man patiko

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