Režisierius: Kieron J. Walsh
Premjera: 2012
Žanras: Drama
Įgarsinimas: Anglų k. (Originalus)
Trukmė: 77 min
Imdb įvertinimas: / 10 (Balsų: )
Filmo biudžetas: £1.300.000 $
Šalis: Anglija, Ireland
Jump follows the lives of four twenty-something's whose lives collide one fateful New Year's Eve in a night of fast talk, wild coincidence and intrigue. The unseen yet crucial occurrence of this tale is the strange disappearance of Eddie Kelly, which hangs over the city like a dark cloud. Kelly's 'disappearance' at the hands of crime boss Frank Feeney's men links our four main characters, triggering a sequence of events which ultimately has life changing consequences for each of them. Feeney's daughter Greta is severely depressed and is intent on taking her own life. Pearse is on a mission to get answers about his missing brother Eddie and will stop at nothing until he gets to the truth. Johnny, a small time crook who works for Feeney, and Marie, a frustrated shop assistant, are both looking for a fresh start. Greta and Pearse meet each other in extraordinary circumstances on a bridge overlooking the city. Greta is there to Jump and Pearse has been beaten and dangled off the bridge by...

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