John F. Kennedy: A Personal Story




90 min

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Relive the glory moments of John F. Kennedy's life as BIOGRAPHY-® presents the compelling story of this unforgettable leader and the rich dynasty he left behind. John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr. will always be remembered as the youthful president who inspired America a charismatic leader who gave the nation a sense of pride and confidence. His sharp mind quick wit and boundless determination won him friends confidantes and devoted followers. A World War II hero respected senator and author of the Pulitzer Prize-winning "Profiles in Courage" Kennedy regarded life as a race against boredom. Through archival footage and interviews with friends famous journalists Hollywood actors and former staffers (including ex-cabinet member John Kenneth Galbraith) BIOGRAPHY-® revisits pivotal moments of Kennedy's life and presidency with amazing clarity and insight. DVD Features: Interactive Menus; Scene Selection

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#1 | Svečias · October 29 2014 23:11:55
labai labai idomus ,verta tikrai verta pasiziuretiliuks

#2 | Svečias · October 29 2014 23:12:39
idomi biografija ,spalvinga asmenybe

#3 | vygasx · April 03 2016 03:37:53
Galit pliusiuka..dekoju.

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