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Bo Burnham: Words, Words, Words




62 min

Anglų k.
Režisierius: Shannon Hartma
Žanras: Komedija

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While performing at the Montreal Just for Laughs festival in 2008,[8] Burnham met with the award-winning director and producer Judd Apatow. That September, Burnham negotiated with Universal Pictures to write and create the music for an Apatow-produced comedy film which he describes as the "anti-High School Musical",[7][28] although Burnham insists the script isn't a parody of the Disney musicals, but an attempt to emulate the high school he attended. Hoping to star in the film he's writing, Burnham told Wired magazine that he's naming the star "Bo" in a "not-so-subtle hint [he] want[s] to be in it".[29] In a March 2009 interview with Boston's Weekly Dig, Burnham elaborated on his work with the film. When he isn't performing, Burnham spends eight hours a day writing the music, and his nights writing the script, of which he's finished the first draft.[30] Co-writing the screenplay with Burnham is his high school friend Luke Liacos.[12] Burnham explained the script-writing opportunity is a boon to his comedy career, as the comedian had been having complications with censors and learning that his material wasn't well-suited to television. "It would work much better in a 90-minute format."[29] In August 2010, Burnham told The Guardian that his script had been submitted.[11] In an October 2010 interview with MTV, Burnham admitted that he doesn't know anything about the future of the project, and that it's all effectively up in the air as far as he knew.[31] In May 2009, viral marketing began appearing for Funny People, in which Burnham stars in a NBC sitcom called Yo Teach!. In the "promo", Burnham stars opposite Jason Schwartzman, as a student in the latter's English class.[32] On May 21, 2010, Burnham taped his first one-hour stand-up special entitled Words Words Words for Comedy Central from the House of Blues in Boston as part of the network's new "House of Comedy" series of stand-up specials.[33][34] The special aired on Comedy Central on October 16, 2010. It was released on October 18, 2010.[35][36]

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